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Tourism Startup Lynkey Launches NFT

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Singapore-based LynKey, a platform that digitises premium tourist resorts, hotels, and assets, is now entering the NFT game.

LynKey promises to be “tokenizing” over $8 billion worth of assets via a blockchain-based token marketplace and ecosystem.

An worldwide blockchain-powered ecosystem for property development — sales, leases, land use and associated tourist entertainment – is the startup’s stated goal.

According to the company, it aims to link individuals with property tech, smart tourism, and metaverse AR/VR solutions.

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Cindi Tran, CEO/Founder of LynKey says: “Despite globalisation, COVID difficulties exist in tourism and travel. Blockchain and NFT technologies can overcome these problems. Most worldwide visitors or property purchasers have to cope with local currencies, lack of transparency in purchasing or leasing property, and exchange costs. These concerns may be addressed with a single marketplace and token.”

In Q1 2022, LynKey will introduce its token, NFTs, and initial property resort projects. It will start with Vietnam’s resorts and hotels.


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