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United States Postal Service gets their NFT!


Postal stamps are popular collectibles, and the USPS is taking it a step further with its own NFTs. It transfers the collectability of actual stamps to digital ones.

NFTs were created by the USPS and VeVe (which also issued NFTs from Marvel) in November 2021, and the postal agency discussed them on its “mailin’ it” podcast.

The first set of NFTs was for Da de Los Muertos, and there were four to collect. Each was only a few thousand copies. Initially, they were just $6 apiece. They sold out immediately and currently sell for at least $195 on VeVe’s secondary market, so they weren’t a bad buy at launch.

The USPS has already issued four more Christmas-themed NFTs on the VeVe marketplace as part of its A Visit From ST. Nick collection. So there is a demand for these USPS NFTs after all.


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