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Verified NFT phone cases is a thing!

Phone case NFT
Phone case NFT

New platform NFT Your Case allows users to make bespoke phone cases utilising NFT verification technology, highlighting CASETiFY’s interest in the developing “phygital” industry.

CASETiFY just purchased BAYC #3583 (for 83.4 ETH, around 260K USD), becoming the first DTC brand to join the Bored Ape Yacht Club and launching the world’s first confirmed NFT phone case. Using CASETiFY, customers may authenticate NFTs from their Ethereum wallet and print them into the brand’s premium phone covers. The consumer may then pay in ETH or USD to have the goods produced and sent to them.

This unique NFT QR code will not only track the physical product’s origin, but also provide metadata about the artwork, creator, and listing. With impact drop protection up to 10ft, 65 percent recycled material, bezel screen protection and a flash-absorbing camera ring, the NFT phone covers are the best-selling CASETiFY Impact Cases. Phone cases start at $45 USD (0.014052 ETH) and ship globally.


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