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Vmates, New NFT Pet Game Launches

Vmates, a popular blockchain game, has officially announced a launch date. Goal of this closed test is to gather input to enhance the game’s operation. This version allows gamers to properly experience blockchain pet rearing. Vmates Bank has begun testing the BSC mainnet. Tokens may now be staked at

Vmates provides a metaverse for our digital pets as a new P2E game. Players must feed and play with their pets daily. Our creatures may earn MATE tokens by working, fighting, exploring, and becoming friends. For this alpha test, Vmates has prepared some rare NFT pets.

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Vmates is a virtual pet game that mixes virtual gaming elements with the opportunity to communicate with others and their pets. Vmates offers virtual pets that users may care for, groom, and grow to engage in games and communicate with their owners. The Vmates platform also has a metaverse experience, allowing pets and their owners to play games, own land, and trade MATE tokens for additional pets. With genuine gamification that led to occurrences in the virtual world, it builds layers upon layers of experiences.

The PLAZA of Vmates is our pet’s community. Pets may work, battle, date, make friends, gain skills, shop, and more in PLAZA. Most activities earn MATE tokens and experience.

The PLAZA is an open sandbox world. Interact with other gamers, discover new locations and develop our own dwellings. The PLAZA will be the main venue for people to engage with the block-chain when block-chain technology improves and NFT is widely used.

The MATE token is utilised as an in-game utility for anything related to people and their pets. The coin will be used for pet growth and grooming, game participation and awards, and metaverse property purchases. There will be 20 million MATE tokens accessible on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

Vmates is also hard at work polishing the project. They accomplished the project’s development stage, including the tokens, website, and online presence. OpenSea has Vmates Panda NFTs. Vmates will soon introduce its pet cultivation methods and suction system. In July 2022, Vmates will introduce Unity 3D integration, pet imaging, and a redesigned PLAZA.


Blockchain gaming is a logical development of technology and demand. Vmates is building a platform and ecosystem that will allow other companies to build on top of it.


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