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What You Should Know About Meta Thugs’ Highly-Anticipated NFT Drop

If you’ve been on social media recently, chances are an influencer or a friend has mentioned NFTs. Visa just rocked the internet by purchasing a famed CryptoPunk NFT for almost $6 million.

The NFT market has exploded in recent times. Due to this rapid expansion, it was time to interview specialists in the NFT field. During this time, I heard several people mention a project debuting on November 14th at 10pm for pre-sale.

The Much Awaited NFT Drop of Meta Thugs Announces Their Launch Date. It was obvious to dive further to find out why there was so much anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding this project in particular. After a few days of research on the team, the project, and their roadmap, it was clear why this initiative had gained so much attention even before its launch.

Here’s all you need to know about Meta Thugs before the Presale starts on November 14th at 10PM.

The project’s marketing and roadmap seem to have the most promise. Paying hundreds of dollars for a JPG used to be considered absurd. While less than 1% of the general population is aware of NFTs, Meta Thugs are dedicated to educating the masses. They’ve also revealed a promotional relationship with one of today’s largest internet personalities.

The designs are stunning, from the attention to detail to the imagery. Long before Meta Thugs’ innovations, determining the value or utility of an NFT was difficult. Is that a badge? Absolutely. In the coming years, the most likely use case for these photographs will be as profile images or avatars on social media networks. Some even got tattoos.

The buzz and anticipation are unprecedented. There’s now a flutter, a tingle, and  nervousness in the air.  Meta Thugs is feeling the same way, as are many others who are waiting for the drop day. This type of feeling excites the NFT community. Their board of advisors includes former Kanye West and Cardi B employees Andrew Eugene Choi and Eli Velez.


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