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World’s First NFT Resume Marketplace – TrustRecruit 

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TrustRecruit launches the world’s first AI-powered non-fungible resume platform. Job searchers merely need to create a profile and resume NFTs. Employers and recruiters may buy and exchange these newly issued NFTs for fees.

No-Fail Resume (NFT) displays your abilities, experiences, professional ambitions, and Your resume NFT is promoted on the resume NFT marketplace, where an AI-matching engine matches your NFT resume to relevant job opportunities. Employers and recruiters can examine resume details after paying the required costs. The money earned goes to the NFT owner, empowering those who share their verified data.

It’s a new way to hire people. It is the first AI-powered resume NFT marketplace.

TrustRecruit’s AI matching engine will connect you to a qualified talent pool in minutes. Experience, talents, and salary needs are pre-screened. TrustRecruit helps you find the ideal candidate for your profile.

Hiring personnel has always been laborious and riddled with résumé fabrication. However, the restrictions persist, and the recruiting expense is going to third-party corporations. The TrustRecruit platform’s NFT resume marketplace can alleviate all of these issues.

Employers can advertise jobs and allow job seekers to apply. To access important resumes, they can buy NFT fractions of Job seekers on the Resume NFT marketplace. The method reduces recruiting time and saves money on background and reference checks.

It is also the finest option for job searchers. Job searchers own the professional data recorded on the Blockchain via resume NFTs and may distribute it freely and for a charge.

TrustRecruit was created in collaboration with PrimaFelicitas, a worldwide technology provider for entrepreneurs and startups. The company’s specialty is designing highly scalable and performant Blockchain-based solutions, frequently combining AI and IoT. With Trust Recruit, the organisation has expanded its horizons in the area of Blockchain.


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