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Minecraft-related companies are putting their money on NFT and other digital assets

Climate Replay, a group of developers from Mojang Group, the maker of the popular Minecraft video game franchise, posted a pledge to the appropriate integration of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, and digital currencies into the game over the weekend.

“In an increasingly unpredictable world, games give us hope. They assist us in realizing our creative potential and liberate us from physical, financial, and other restraints in the actual world “According to the Climate Replay team. They did, however, issue a warning regarding the current situation of digital materials used in games:

“Most NTFs, and therefore most forms of digital property, in their current state, serve the exact opposite: their value is defined entirely by artificial scarcity and speculation and fed by an unnecessary expenditure of physical resources.”

“It is therefore critical for the global gaming community’s, the planet’s, and society’s overall health to guarantee that any adoption of blockchain-based technologies, such as NFTs, comes only when they provide demonstrated value to games and their communities,” the team stated. They proposed that the makers of Game Finance, or GameFi, follow the following rules, among other things, to potentially solve the aforementioned problem:

  • [Through digital assets], provide tremendous value to players.
  • Avoiding the use of an inefficient technology that has a tangible and serious environmental impact.
  • To develop speculative value, don’t use artificial scarcity.
  • Don’t put your faith in unregulated, unpredictable cryptocurrency.
  • Early adopters or wealthy users/players do not profit disproportionately.
  • Implement in a transparent manner and take the concerns of research participants seriously.


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